Deaf Poets / Review

by marcopantella

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Sean Wouters is a singer and guitarist and Nicolas Espinosa is a drummer. They are  from Miami Beach and they form a duo that reminds of The Black Keys but sounds much more aggressive, bringing out staggering songs that already got venues like The Grand Central and Ricochets on their feet. They are causing quite a commotion considering that they only released a 7 inch record but this two-man group, friends since high school, is set to release their first full length album soon and an 80’s punk revival promises to be one of their strongest influences. Tracks like “This Pain” and “Sally” have intros that hunts you down, as the lyrics are perfectly matching the atmosphere, before displaying an intriguing garage rock. However, moments like “Cold Cold Thieves” gives us a glimpse of their much softer and melodic personality, showing a deeper side that together with their energy may give these guys the winning card they are looking for.
Download “Sally” and “This Pain” here