Coldplay / LIVE 2012 CD-DVD / Review

by marcopantella

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“Is there anybody out there?”, asks Chris Martin to a sold out audience at the Stade De France in Paris. This is the beginning of their live / documentary “Mylo Xyloto Tour” DVD/CD, a stunning recording of Coldplay’s 2012 World Tour featuring intimate behind the scenes footages where band members talk about their on-the-road experience as they travel far away
from their families but closer than ever to their fans.
If you had the chance to see this show live as I did, I am sure you still remember the wristbands given when you entered the venue and how they lighted up in a multitude of colors as soon as “Hurts Like Heaven” started. Thousands of shining lights creating a never seen before connection between the audience and the band. This is how much Coldplay love their fans, they talk about looking at people in the eyes and their appreciation for everybody coming to the show whether they are standing in the front row or sitting at the very back of a huge stadium.
This live release is powerful, personal and the live vibe is unconventionally and beautifully conveyed as you travel with them between songs recorded from a rainy Madrid show at Plaza De Toros, Boston, where after “Paradise” they suddenly appear among the seated audience to perform “Us Against The World”, and landmark venue La Cigale in Paris.
The hit “Yellow” has a sophisticated and ethereal piano start before kicking off together with the singing audience. The energy is frentic as the colourful graffiti set design and during “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” Chris, Guy, and Jonny gather around drummer Will Champion as the intro builds up so strongly that the only outcome to expect is the one that actually happens, pure joy and release, ending with the camera filming in slow motion a guitar as it is smashed on stage.
The latest material from “Mylo Xyloto” find a new dimension during the show and even the least remarkable track, “Princess of China”, is performed with pathos and passion from Chris together with Rihanna on stage. After “Every Tear is a Waterfall”, Coldplay take a bow and as we see them heading back to the hotel or straight to the airport, it is pretty clear why they are so loved. They keep the audience involved throughout the show, they keep their private life and differences strictly private, and when it comes to music they are aware that a show could a person first or last and they just deliver in a humble and fantastic way.