Spector / “Enjoy It While It Lasts” / Review

by marcopantella

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“Enjoy It While It Lasts”. It can be the beginning of a weekend, an unexpected romance, a ride on a 70′s Chevy Thunder, and now the debut album by British band The Spector, 12 tracks of pure indie rock nostalgia that does not go unnoticed with frontman Frederick Macpherson, ex vocalist for Les Incompétents, showing his Morrissey-like attitude along with his skills as lyricist.

You don’t have to travel that far back in time to be inspired nowadays, in fact The Spector’s sound engage a lot with last decade’s bands like The Killers, The Strokes and the anthemic choruses and synthesisers fill the first three tracks including the addictive single “Chevy Thunder”, and the sensual “Grey Shirt And Tie” that would have worked better as a single than “Celestine” and “Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End”

Tribute? Lack of imagination? Whatever you may think, the album has that young and fresh f- you attitude, even when it comes to tender and heartbreaking ballads like “Lay Low” and the closing track “Never Fade Away” that mix the romantic sound of Roxy Music with straight forwarding lyrics. These Londoners may not take themselves too seriously but the result is a well produced and performed album to enjoy while it lasts and as long as you need to treat yourself into the last decade with melodic chants and rip-roaring tunes.

Chevy Thunder / Live BBC @ Jools Holland