Radiohead Live in London / The King Of Limbs Tour

by marcopantella

“True Love Waits / Everything In Its Right Place”

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Enigma is once again what I feel, but Radiohead is a riddle that wants to be heard and ultimately solved. In this context the screens are not only part of the stage but also different faces of a virtual Rubik’s cube and pieces of a jigsaw falling into place. They are alchemists, experimenting on stage with dangerous sounds and emotions but after twenty years they are still mastering their talent and the word “Artist” is redefined as they give a mesmerizing and intricate performance that you can appreciate and relate to as soon as you are willing to put every piece back together.

Sidney Bechet’s “Egyptian Fantasy” is played as the crowd heads out of the arena and a guy plays “Creep” on his guitar in front of the Tube station. Everything in its right place.