Liars – WIXIW

by marcopantella

The sixth studio album by LA experimental trio Liars, revolves around the palindrome of the title, WIXIW, pronounced “wish you”, a made up word concealing a sharp duality in lyrics and sounds. The title track itself embodies an hypnotic future in electronic music through a slow/fast rhytm of synths and occasional dancing guitars, taking bits of Massive Attack, Air, and Aphex Twin to a brand new level.

WIXIW explores themes of doubt, depression, and loneliness through a superlative take on synths and sequencer. No wonder that it was recorded in a remote and isolated location below U.S Highway 101.

From the ethereal opener to the already darker second track, “Octagon”, the mood of the band for this album, self-lostness, leads to doubt, disbelief, and uneasiness.

Single “N.1 Against the Rush”, brings you back to an 80’s infused nostalgia while one of the record’s masterpieces is the following “A Ring on Every Finger”, where through trip-hop rhytms the disgusts towards reality is explored, and even a sensual intimacy is endangered by the seed of doubt. Vocalist Angus Andrew sings “It’s broken…”.

A dance-punk apotheosis of which Liars are masters of, happens just before the closing track when “Brats” kicks in. We are in a parallel Trainspotting Era now.

The palindromic idea of the trio was to start somewhere, go through a lot of work and eventually end up where they started. The actually ended up creating something new in electronic music and as the closing track repeats “I’m on my way down”, we know that Liars’ isolation in the studio made them more aware of their inner world and experimental skills.